Friday, July 27, 2007

The Coast Southwest Grill @ Hartamas Shopping Centre

It's been awhile since the 3nity & Chimera gang met up, everyone was so caught up with life & work. So I decided to do the long awaited & overdue gathering, in conjuction to celebrate everyone's belated birthday (from Jan - Jul)...

and here we are:
The Coast Southwest Grill

the environment

The Gang

in order of appearance
01) jiajia;
02) dare_c;
03) leena;
04) mejesmin;
05) kalv;
06) wildchild;
07) penman (not in the camera again... -_-");

(note: too bad, denku can't join us that night... he got class!)

My thoughts:
This restaurant came to our discovery on one weekend. What caught my attention was "The Coast Mudpie". Wildchild and I decided to celebrate her birthday here for the first time.

The Coast serves similar food on their menu as TGIF & Chilis. Personally, I find the food nice and offers at a more affordable price.

Our order
Mushroom Cream Soup with Chicken cutlets

Soup of "that" day

Caesar Salad

Southern Fried Chicken Salad

Fish Sandwich

Mushroom Salsa Fish

Hawaiian Sandwich

Lemonade & Iced Leman Tea

You won't get to order "The Coast Mudpie" everyday from The Coast. I've been here 3 times, and I managed to eat it ONCE. After two great disappoinments, I finally learned from the staff that "The Coast Mudpie" will only be avaible in every 4 days. Therefore, I suggest you call them first, before going, if you intend to have this ULTIMATE dessert... to avoid potong stim!!!

Don't get me wrong, they serve other dessert too, such as brownies, etc... but I WANT MUDPIE!!!

The Coast Southwest Grill
LG18 & 19
Hartamas Shopping Centre

tel: +60-3-6201 2680

- - - - - - -

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Nicholas Leong said...

either the quality fluctuates or ur taste and mine totally different hahaha..

Went to The Coast and tried the mudpie. Too hard, and too huge of a portion. It was like trying to carve a rock :P

mr-penman said...

hmmm... hard to say, Nick. it's all subject to individual's taste.

I went there on Monday, everyone seems happy with their food.

as for the mudpie, I get to eat once only.

Huge, I agree. Hard like a rock, I can't really recall that part.

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