Friday, June 22, 2007

Transformers DS


The long awaited Transformers: The Movie will come to the big screen in two weeks time - 4th July 2007, and the premiums are arlready out for grab, i.e. action figures, games, etc...

For the DS, there are 2 versions, or rather 2 factions (of the games) to choose from:
1) The Autobots; or
2) The Decepticons;

My Thoughts
The overall feel or mood of the games are like playing GTA, in terms of control and navigation, of course the difference is - you are a TRANSFORMER!

I find the Autobots version is more challenging to play, comparing to the Decepticons. 'Cos being an Autobot, you have lots of considerations bounded, like during combat, you have to watch out for public properties and so. In another word, TO PROTECT

However, if you are on the opposite faction, i.e. The Decepticons, you can do almost anything you like, i.e. destroying private or public properties. In another word, TO DESTROY.

Either side you are on, by destroying civilians' properties, means violating laws, and you'll draw attentions from the local authorities - HUMAN POLICE!.

As for the Graphics, it is truely a great disappointment. Well, some many argue DS has a limited graphic engine, however, I believed it can be better, at least doesn't look like an old 3D FPS flat BMP BG.

By playing either versions of the games, will gives you certain spoilers to the movie. Please take note!

Where to get
You can either:
"Autobots! Transform and PROTECT the humans now!"


"Deceptions! Transform and DESTROY the AUTOBOTS"

by getting your copy/copies from your local stores or from
1) The Autobots; or
2) The Decepticons;

Release Date: 20 June 2007;
Genre: action;
Version: US;
Mode: Single player, Multiplayer, Online multiplayer;
RANK: 3/5;

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