Friday, June 22, 2007

our colleague, their producer, my girlfriend

Today is my GF - Wildchild's last day, as a Video Producer at EditHouse. I'm a bit upset, as I couldn't be at work today, to spend her last day with her. (due to some people's s2pidity & irresponsible act. see here.)

We have been working together under the same roof (different companies) for 3 years. Over the years, we have learnt a lot of things from each other from work (even though, we are in a different field).

I admire+value her great sense of responsibilities, organised head, a calm mind to handle crisis, a caring+thoughtful heart, a pair of helping hands, and her clumsy legs (always knock here and there... LOL)... -_-"

When I'm under pressure, she'll fart together with me.
When I've failed, she'll be there to encourage me.
When I'm down, she'll cheer me up.
When I'm hungry, she'll bring me food.
When I'm broke... she's my Ah Long. (LOL~ just kidding!)

Things will be really different Monday onwards.

I'll miss her at work... (but I still get to see her at night! LOL~)

And I pray that GOD will continue to bless+guide her in her career. (that 1 day, I can enjoy Sliper Rice!!! ^0^)

( see you later! ^o^ )


wildchild said...

I'm so touched by your words...
Honestly, I was in tears after reading it...hehehe..

I miss working with you too...
But then hoh, maybe seeing each other less, you'll love+miss me more...hahaha...
(+eat less)

mr-penman said...

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