Monday, June 18, 2007


幫幫忙吧~ 請你們不要三更半夜開派對!

hey~ watsup dude? want 2 join us? -_-"



Cyan Starr @ Phoenix_Cypher_K1 said...

I would never expect a ....bat in town areas...I'd freak out lol.

Pr1me_Minister said...

lol! Too bad they're not giving you any birds' nest. :P

Nicholas Leong said...

you get guano! its flamable I believe :P

mr-penman said...

@ phoenix: well, bats are every where actually, even in the city. But they are not visible to us only.

@ PM: ya man! how I wish they are swifts... LOL~

@ nick: -_-"

Cyan Starr @ Phoenix_Cypher_K1 said...

@ pen: That is why I would freak out if I ever see one. Because it is not visible to us. O_o - Buy Action Figures, Video Game Merchandise & Toys and more!