Sunday, January 13, 2008

Dusun Ali King Paintball

A buddy of mine - D1 of Band of Brothers invited me to join him for a paintball game at Kg. Sungai Pusu, a small village located at the border of Selangor and Pahang (about 45mins drive).

The Environment
It's a forrest... a durian orchard to be precise. Lots of greens, natural terrain, and smell like a jungle too! An EXCELLENT place!

This is the Admin+Registration+Amunition Depot Booth. Where you make your registration, collect your ammunitions, reload, etc...

What makes Dusun Ali's paintball battlefield interesting, is the natural terrain - a small up hill slope.

The Equiptment

The Briefing
This is really important, regardless you are a veteran or a newbie, because every battlefields or games have their own rules and regulations. Stick with the house rules, accidents & problems will be minimised.

And let the game begins...
This would be my first experience to be on an actual paintball battlefield. I didn't play as a player, but on a more subtle role/noble mission - a Battlefield Journalist.


Game 01

Game 03

If paintball isn't really your kind of game, and you are there for some reason, you can shower yourselves in the pool, where the water is channeled from mountain stream.

The Team
Meet the team:
01) Torn; (sorry didn't manage to capture the team photo...)
02) Rambo 4;
03) Tyco;
04) Band of Brothers;

I look forward to my next visit here, as I'll be whopping everone's ass!


Have fun!

"Remember... This is a gentlemen game... We are here to have fun, not make war." famous quote by D1 of Band of Brothers.

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Tattfoo&Ensze said...

we are very impress that it had catch on in KL.
I sound and looks like lots of fun but the name Dusn Ali King is kind of weird.

mr-penman said...

ya~ we have at least 4-5 in Klang Valley itself.

KK (Sabah) got 2... I think.

LOL~ the name is EPIC!

the owner+family are really nice+warm!

I'm checking out another paintball field near Zoo Negara soon.

I was told that 1 is really a jungle.

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