Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Restoran Hoppy 好比 @ SS2

Restoran Hoppy 好比 is quite a well-known shop at SS2, due to it's famous landmark -

Hoppy 好比 the giant duck - a well known landmark in SS2.

However, please do not judge Restoran Hoppy 好比, by it's bold marketing act. This shop actually serves good food.

Restoran Hoppy 好比

My thoughts:
Beside single person meal or a lar carte, there are a few variety of Set Meals on the menu, catering for small, medium and larger crowd.

For us, we had Set A for lunch, over the weekend, just nice for 2 person.

Set A is actually cater for 2-3 persons. And it comes with 1 portion of duck, 1 portion of chicken, 1 plate of vege, 1 bowl of soup, 1 plate of minced meat tofu, and 2-3 rice.

so how's the food?
Well, see for youself...

wildchild can really eat... -_-"

Riceman FTW!!!

winter melon herbal tea (cold)

I'm more of a chicken person than duck. However, Hoppy 好比's duck is really delicious. One of my favourite place to eat duck. The duck is marinated with Chinese herbs, and it tastes and smells good (if u like Chinese herbs). I can just order 1 bowl of the duck gravy, and go with 5 bowls of rice.



Nicholas Leong said...

foosah! first to comment...state duck rice FTW!!! :P

mr-penman said...

state duck... state duck...

hmmm... can't recall any duck at state.

anyway, another nice place for duck is paramount's loong fong.

but fav still Hoppy! ^0^

anyway, me not a duck person... -_-"

Antabax said...

omg, big duck alert !

meendee said...

Hmmm, I tried this before. But don't quite remember it being that great! Well, maybe it's time to give it a try again.

I like roast duck that's served with its skin still crispy, even little bit oso can :D

mr-penman said...

@antabax: LOL~ ya, that duck has been hanging there for nearly a decade!

@meendee: yes, everyone deserves a 2nd...TASTE!


Nicholas Leong said...

state duck..is braised duck..not roast duck hehe :)

mr-penman said...

braise duck... hmmm not my type of food.

but I love braise egg!



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