Sunday, July 15, 2007

Restoran Sin Lai Ping 新利濱 @ Lucky Garden, Bangsar

Restoran Sin Lai Ping 新利濱

Restoran Sin Lai Ping 新利濱

My thoughts:
These are my favourite:

Deep fried chicken in butter milk style 奶油雞 a MUST TRY dish!!!

Steam eggs combo: egg+salted egg+century egg 三黃蒸蛋

fried "yaomak" with Chinese Butter (fermented bean curd)

Complementary soup - White carrot soup with pork and black pepper

Chinese Tea Ice - another epic drink.

oh! don't forget to check out the satay, it's operated by 1 pakcik and 1 makcik. Another happening dish at Restoran Sin Lai Ping 新利濱.

Satay Stall


Satay sauce

When I was staying in Bangsar many years ago, this is where I had my dinner every night. Therefore, I'm very grateful to this shop, without them, I would have died from fast food in Bangsar. >_<

This shop also have another name refer and known to friends around me - Hill of Siu Keong 小強山. You probably wonder why? Afterall, Siu Keong 小強 is refering to cockroach. Well, many years ago, when I was staying in Bangsar. A very generous+kind colleague of mine - Jess T (who always offer me a ride to buy dinner), before she drives home, gave me a ride again.

While we were waiting for my dinner in the car, suddenly we realised some activities going on, on the little slope in front of us. And Jess T turn on the head lights, only to witness the most incredible natural phenomena ever in our lifetime. There were thousands of Siu Keongs partying on that small hill. Literally the entire hill was like moving. NO KIDDING!!!

I didn't make this up... IT'S REAL!!! (I wished I had a digital camera back then.) Pleaes ask Jess T next time you see her?

I believed that happened due to the climate/weather, after all, insects or animals have a better senses to the nature. I'm not sure what did they sense, however, it's definitely not a rave party back there.

Ever since that incident, this place is known to me and my friends as Hill of Siu Keong 小強山.



meendee said...

wah, got complementary soup summore!!! And um ... white carrot = radish, is it -_-"

mr-penman said...

hmmm...good question.

I have no idea.


SWATおかみ said...

wa... if i see a siu keong... I would run as fast as i can. talking bout a group... *fainted*

mr-penman said...

LOL~ we were in the car... so we were protected!


SWATおかみ said...

Woo... too bad u that time no camera. - Buy Action Figures, Video Game Merchandise & Toys and more!