Wednesday, November 14, 2007

My Star Wars Collections

This is my proud collections, as these are really part of my childhood!!! I have lost some of the items over the years, as many kids had shared the joy of these little fellas.

There are still more, I didn't manage to shoot them:
01) all the cardboards came with the action figures;
02) diecast: landspeeder - where Luke & C3PO were on it (can't seem to locate it... T_T);
03) Millenium Falcon (Scale model kit) - belongs to my sis's fren in Uni. He didn't want it any more, when he completed his studies.

External Link:
Star Wars Collectors Archive;


Sir George said...

wah!wah!wah!..MUSEUM MATERIALS!!!!

mr-penman said...


How I wish I have a Toy Museum!!!

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