Thursday, November 08, 2007

Triangle 鐵三角

Release Date 日期: 18 October 2007;
Languages 語言: Cantonese 粵語;
Classification: U;
Running Time: 1 hour 35 minutes;
Director 導演: Tsui Hark 徐克, Ringo Lam 林嶺東, Johnnie To 杜琪峯;
Cast 主演: Simon Yam 任達華, Louis Koo 古天樂, Sun Hung Lei 孫紅雷, Lam Ka Tung 林家棟, Kelly Lin 林熙蕾;
Genre 片種: Dark Humour 黑色奇趣;
Official Website 電影網站: Triangle 鐵三角
Watched it at: Golden Screen Cinema;


Synopsis: - taken from Golden Screen Cinema
Life has not been kind to SAM (Simon Yam), FAI (Louis Koo) and MOK (Sun Hong Lei) as they struggle to make ends meet. They then learn that an ancient treasure is buried under the high-security Legislative Building and agree to make a run for the treasure to test their fate.

The thought of getting rich puts the three men's friendship to test, as their minds are beset by greed, fear and suspicion. The treasure also attracts the attention of others, including LING who is SAM’s wife (Kelly Lin), who plans to steal the robe and run away with her lover WEN (Lam Ka Tung).

All eyes are set on the treasure. Whoever will go to the extreme will become its owner. Between survival, wealth and friendship, Sam, Fai and Mok will ultimately have to make a choice.

(Source: Golden Screen Cinemas Sdn. Bhd.)

故事摘要: - 取之於 Yahoo!電影
一间酒吧,三个落魄人,无数怨气话。宝山(任达华 饰)、彭辉(古天乐 饰)和莫中原(孙红雷 饰)三位饱受社会、家庭及经济压力的好友,在酒酣耳热中商议大计,要改变可恶的现状,只有钱!
神秘老人出现留下线索。为三人带来一次寻宝奇遇!莫破解老人留下的密码,宝藏就在立法局的地底。三人出发,找出宝藏。满以为发财在望之际,便衣探员正文(林家栋 饰)追捕而至。



My thoughts 我的感言:
This film was directed by 3 of the best+legendary Film Makers in HK, and written by some of the HK ace movie writers - 半閒、耿啓文、鍾曉陽、游乃海、歐健兒、葉天成. The story is about the ugly side of modern society, money talks! It has a hillariouus+dark and unexpected story development. I enjoyed it. One of my favourite HK Dark Comedy!

External Link:
Official Website;
Golden Screen Cinema;


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