Sunday, December 02, 2007

Christmas 2007 at 1Utama

I have an habit of visiting various shopping mall during Christmas month, to see the effort of each mall put in to live up the place. For this year... I'm pretty impressed with 1Utama New Wing.

It's so fun+magical to me!


This was the 1st Saturday of December, and look at the mood+atmosphere at 1Utama.

I must say, the management of 1Utama had really put in lotsa effort. Check out all the ornaments on each Tree. And there were dozens of Christmas trees. I really salute the team behind all this, not to mention those staffs/hired workers to put up all these.

"Your Effort are Greatly Appreciated! Your work made everyone smile+happy"


On our way back, I discovered these 4 fellas!

I heard The Curve has very nice set up too, I'll pay them a visit soon.

Merry Christmas!!!



meendee said...

I finally managed to catch some pics! Now waiting to edit ... kekeke.

mr-penman said...


I went to MV last nite, it's fairy like. Not bad, but still impressed with 1U.

Going to The Curve soon!


Tattfoo&Ensze said...

Beautiful Christmas decorations, like the use of plastic straws in various color. Thanks for capturing all the details, great job!

mr-penman said...

LOL~ u know wat, DaGe... I knew u will comment on the straws, 'cos it's similar to your flag project!

thanks! ^0^

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