Friday, December 07, 2007

J. Co: Donuts & Coffee

There's rumour saying, a new PWNING donut shop is in town, a very very long "S" que always sighted at there outlets, it's - J.Co Donuts & Coffee. The latest Indonesia donuts chain store in Malaysia.

After dinner on Friday night, LµÇkÿ $†àŘ, Wildchild and myself went jalan-jalan at New Wing, Sunway Pyramid. And we witnessed the "rumoured" que... and it wasn't rumour, it's real. Being a typical Malaysian, we went and join the wagon.

Nice interior setup, interesting operations for a donut shop (not that I'm an expert in donutology). I was snapping non-stop til 1 sales attendant stopped me.

Anyway, they offer various flavoured of donuts, we bought 6, but managed only to try 3, 'cos we were to greedy & full!!!

I managed to photographed these extras, thanks to a friend - Ling., who bought a dozen for her family on another day.

Courtesy Donuts from Ling.

Managed to find a spot for ourselves, sit down, we were kinda puzzle, how to start/eat, 'cos these donuts are covered with toppings... and the following are the experience of our FIRST ENCOUNTER...

For some reasons, all my friends that have tried J.Co, we all agreed & shared a common experience... all of us encountered the same feeling from the first bite - IT'S LOVE AT FIRST BITE!

I don't know about others, perhaps you can try and share your experience with others too...



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maslight said...

waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa gimme donuts T_T

mr-penman said...

LOL~ come KL nxt year!


Sir George said...

haha... KK Big apple Donut opening soon!! yum yum

mr-penman said...


let's culik flan!


meendee said...

how is it compared to Big Apple?

mr-penman said...

Haven't tried Big Apple yet, going to try it soon!

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