Monday, August 13, 2007


Three years ago, we were shopping at Jonker Street in Melaka, we discovered a this clog shop, hidden in the alley of this old city - GEE's ORIGINAL.

I was stunned+amazed that the shop owner - Gee & wife (Yen) managed to transform a traditional crafting to modern art+fashion. Immediately, I got myself a pair.

Every time, we go Melaka, we sure pay Gee a visit. To date, I've already bought more than 7 pairs of Gee's Original for ourselves, friends & families.


I have a Good news for everyone. Now you can own a pair of GEE's ORIGINAL without traveling all the way to Melaka. Because you can get them from the Weekend Flea Market at The Curve. Yen will be there every Saturday & Sunday (GANBATTE!!!).

My Thoughts
It's nice, comfortable & COOL to wear!!! My 1st pair of Gee's Original was "The Sun". It had been traveling with me to many places & cities, such as Bangkok, Singapore, Penang, Langkawi, Melaka, Kota Kinabalu (many times) and finally its life ended at The Angkor in Siam Reap (Cambodia).

I was so sad, couldn't wait to go Melaka to get a new pair. Then we found Yen at The Curve!!!

^0^ woooOOOTTTT!!!

Wildchild very "3 8"... people buy, she also buy. She got herself the 3rd pair (adding to her collections):

Very cool design, with the Chinese Characters of "Black 黑" & "White 白".

All the clogs at Gee's Original are made by an old clog maker in Melaka, and the design are hand crafted/painted by Gee & Yen. Not to mention, all the clogs comes with a lifetime warranty, meaning any time your clog is damaged/chipped/scratches/etc... just bring it back to Gee, and it'll be fixed. However, if you want your sole/strap changed, there'll be a minimal fee for the material cost.


Tattfoo&Ensze said...

What a brilliant idea. Buatan Malaysia.
I like it.

mr-penman said...

ya man!

it's love at 1st sight for us!


dixson said...

hello.. mr penman...

i like the design of the shoe...

can u give me gee and yen tel no to me....

i wanna call her and buy it...

can u send to


Nurain Aliya said...

Hello . I am very interested in buying those clogs . Can you give Mr. Gee's or Yen's contact number to . It's very urgent . Thank you .

mr-penman said...

Hi Nurain,

you can go to their FB to enquire. - Buy Action Figures, Video Game Merchandise & Toys and more!