Sunday, August 12, 2007

Please don't separate them...

One weekend, we were at The Curve, and we discovered this poor fella.

- - - - - - -

Dear Marche,

if you are reading this, please do the cow family a favour. Can you kindly place the baby calf near, where its daddy & mommy are? Please don't separate them.

'cos the baby calf is so scare & lonely to be alone.



TzeVen said...

Hey, they changed the colours of the cows. They were blue and white last year and black and white before that

mr-penman said...

hi tzeven, thanks for visiting! ^0^

ya, they repainted the cows... LOL~

but it's sad to see they separate the baby calf from the parents. :'(

meendee said...

LOL, I wonder how many "coats" (of paint) they have on now :D

mr-penman said...

ya man~

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