Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Plus One Shabu Shabu 壹加壹

This is a new restaurant at 1Utama New Wing (1 floor below Shogun), serving Taiwanese Style Shabu-shabu.

Each table is installed with electric hot plate, where you cook your food with a pot. There's a power level attached to the table side, where you control the heat level.

You have a choice to order set, or a la carte (individual dish). There are few types of soup base, we had Pork Set Special and Japanese Miso Soup. Here're some of the food we tried, and we liked all of them.

Besides that, I had 2 bowls of rice. For some reason, not sure whether is the way they cook the rice or they used premium rice, the rice really taste good, smells good and feel good too.

By default, the drinks are freeflow. You get 3 choices - Nestle's Nestea: Ice Lemon Tea, Ice Peach Tea, and Orang Juice. If those are not your choices of beverages, you can order Premium Chinese Tea, and some other soft drinks.

The Soup is a bit tasteless for our taste, or it's probably suppose to be like that, I'm not sure. But don't worry, 'cos the food goes well with the variety choices of sauces available atthe Sauce Counter.

I'll definitely going back again. Do check this place out!



Tattfoo&Ensze said...

ensze would love this place

meendee said...

I oso tried last month >_< It's not bad, but if you want to try steamboat, my sis always recommends the BBQ Plaza which is next to this restaurant only ... apparently she says much cheaper and bigger portion >_<

mr-penman said...

I personally find BBQ Plaza's food not nice & expensive... not to mention the services sux.

I had bad experience the 1st time I dine at the 1U branch.

not going back to BBQ Plaza any more.

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