Sunday, December 16, 2007

BB Gun - Ming Xin T.139

When to visit Wildchild's Grandma on Sunday, with the sis - Ellen & bro-in-law - Jass.

While grandma and the cousin was preparing lunch for us, Jass and I decided to visit the local shops, to check out some fishing equipments. Fishing isn't really my kind of hobby, so I went next store to get ice-cream, and I saw a toy gun at the toy rack.

I'm a toygun freak, just love toy weapons since little. The gun looked nice, with almost 1:1 scale, so I bought it.

Went back to Grandma's place, only discovered it's a BB Gun. Jass was quite curious, so was Wildchild, so I opened the plastic bag for everyone to see.

Jass tried a few shots at the pillow, and on his palm, he said: "not painful 1"...

After lunch, we head back to KL. Upon reaching home, as usual I'll take picture of my new toy and intend to blog about it later. So I took a couple of shots.

I was curious, what's the damage of the shots like, so that I can judge, whether it can be played by small kids or not. So I tried 1 shot on my palm...


...immediately, I put the gun away, on the top shelf of the cabinet where kids are not easy to reach.

It was painful... T_T

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