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F.I.R. 飛兒樂團 : Love. Diva 愛. 歌姬

Product Info 產品资料
Artist(s) 歌手名稱: F.I.R. 飛兒樂團;
Album 专辑名称: Love. Diva 愛. 歌姬;
Release Date 出版日期: 03/10/2007;
Language 語言: Mandarin 華語;
Publisher 出品商: Warner Music 華納國際音樂股份有限公司;

from 取之於
F.I.R.'s fourth music experiment.

It's been over a year since the trio consisting of vocalist Faye, producer/keyboardist/leader Ian, and guitarist Real released their last major CD, Flight Tribe. F.I.R.'s latest full-length album revolves around the theme of eternal love that expands even to the farthest reaches of the universe. The album features the popular new track "New Moon Bay", which comes with a traditional Chinese touch. Music lovers should also be happy about the band's upcoming tour, scheduled to kick off at the Taipei Arena on October 20. In accordance to their album's love and universe concept, Faye will dress up as Princess Leia, Real as Luke Skywalker, and Ian as Darth Vader for their concert look. Before plunging into all the Star Wars concert fun with F.I.R., fans can check out their new material on Love Diva.


Track Listing
01. 詠嘆曲 (Hymn)
02. 第十行星 (Tenth Planet)
03. 需要你的愛 (Need Your Love)
04. 三個心願 (Three Wishes)
05. Change
06. 真愛地圖 (Map of True Love)
07. 月牙灣 (Crescent Moon Bay)
08. Forever Green
09. Blue Doors Ahead
10. 愛過 (Loved)
11. 彩色拼圖 (Color Puzzle)
12. 荼靡時代 (Tumi Age)

My Thoughts
I was so disappointed with the 2nd and 3rd albums, til I was so sceptical to get this. I was waiting for someone that share the similar taste with me to try out first (and I'm glad it was you McB!!! LOL~).

McB managed to pursade me that is a nice album to get. He even took the initiative taking me to Neway and sing to me. Thank goodness, I wasn't paying attention to him, else he would have kill another F.I.R. album for me (LOL~). With the nice MV+Music+Song+Lyrics, I'm convinced to get it the following day.

And I personally like the two English tracks, which are jazzy with a little of blue tunes. I strongly believe they can go to that direction, as Fay really got nice voice for jazz (personal preferences).


Meanwhile, check out the MV from

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