Sunday, September 16, 2007

Wong Lo Kat 王老吉


"Wong Lo Kat" (herbal drink) is a traditional herbal drink, a remedy to cool your body, if you have fever, sore throat, ulcers, etc...

It's a popular house hold brand among the Chinese families. My dad used to make this drink for me, when I was young. It's extremely BITTER, but absolutely effective for me.

You can either buy a factory sealed pack from a Chinese Medicine shop, take home and boil it... or you can drink at the shop.

Due to its bitterness, and the busy lifestyle that we are in, it's unlikely we will go through the trouble to make it ourselves at home, neither we'll visit the store to drink it. To counter that, someone had come up with a solution, to suit our modern days lifestyle. I present you - Wong Lo Kat... in can!!!

My Thoughts
I find this very smart! Very convenient! You can either serve it cold or hot.

I nearly forgot to mention, it isn't bitter at all. To cater for general crowd, it contained a little bit of sweetness. But the senior people always claim that, it'll be less effective, if it's sweet. However, when I asked, how does the sweetening will effect the results... I get no reply. So I let you figure it out~lah.


I see this as a replacement for your carbonated drink!!!

Currently there's a introductory promotion, buy a pack of 6, and you get 1 can FREE!!!


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