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The Battle for Iwo Jima: The Complete Collector's Edition

Release Date 日期: ;
Languages 語言: ;
Running Time: 90 minutes;
Director 導演: Clint Eastwood;
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Product Info 產品资料
Region Code DVD區碼: 3;
Video Format 影像格式: NTSC;
Screen Format 影片畫面: 16:9 Widescreen;
Audio Specs 影片聲音:
- Cantonese: Dolby Digital ES 6.1, Dolby Digital EX 5.1;
- Mandarin: Dolby Digital EX 5.1;
Release Date 出版日期: 15/05/2007;
Language 語言: English 英語, Japanese 日語;
Subtitle 字幕: English 英文, Traditional Chinese 繁體中文;
Remarks 特別收錄: ;


Synopsis 故事摘要: - taken from
In 2006, renowned actor/director Clint Eastwood presented two critically acclaimed WWII companion films about the Battle of Iwo Jima, approaching the same battlefield from two different perspectives. On the Japanese side, Letters from Iwo Jima recalls the final days of the Japanese soldiers stationed at Iwo Jima through the letters they left behind. On the American side, Flags of Our Fathers follows the soldiers who raised the American flag on Mount Suribachi in the iconic picture that came to symbolize Iwo Jima in the United States. Both films carry strong, starkly human messages about the devastation of war and the heroes that come of them.

Flags of Our Fathers, starring Jesse Bradford, Ryan Phillippe, and Rene Gagnon, jumps back and forth between the battlefield and the soldiers' no less taxing post-war experience when they are welcomed home as heroes, and then reluctantly paraded around the country on a government public relations campaign. While Flags of Our Fathers covers the cynical politics and psychological aftermath of war, Letters from Iwo Jima, starring Watanabe Ken and Ninomiya Kazunari of Arashi, returns to more humanistic roots, focusing squarely on the individuals who gave their lives on the island.

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My thoughts 我的感言:
War Movies half a century ago, are always about Nazi Troops, Japanese Army, or Viet Cong as the bad guys, where as US Army are the good guys (at least that's what Hollywood wanted us to believe).

Well... politically, there might be some truth in it. However, the fact is, when it comes to War, regardless of which sides, they are equally ugly, and brutal. Because they are only soldiers that carrying duties/orders, to excecute monstrous acts.

You'll find the War Movies today, are different from then. A Good War Film in our time, will tell stories from a soldier's perspective. There are more senses and human elements touched. How would a soldier behave/feel, when his/her companion is killed... pointing out the fact that WAR IS UGLY. War shouldn't happen at all. It's all politicians/warlords game.

And these are the movies/stories, Steven Spielberg and Clint Eastwood wanted to tell.


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