Tuesday, October 30, 2007

1 of my worst flight delayed experience

I had one of the worst flight delayed experience yesterday, or rather this morning...

We were scheduled to fly back to KL from KK at 2050hrs, however, we received an SMS from AirAsia informing us that the flight had delayed to 2255hrs around 1600hrs.

So that changes the dinner plan, we supposed to have early dinner at 1630hs... -_-"

so my sis+bro-in-law went out to tapao bah kut teh, and we only have dinner around 1930hrs. After dinner, and a little bit of Wah Lai Toi, we were set to leave home again. Hugged my parents, farewelling and thanking everybody, i.e. my parents, my sis+bro-in-law, my dog - robbin.

I finally get to see the night scene of KKIA T2 (Kota Kinabalu International Airport Termimal 2)... it's beautiful! So proud of it.

While queing up for check in, I saw the time displayed was 0050hrs, so I approached 1 of the counter and reconfirm on the time, and it's true. Our flight has been delayed...for the 2nd time.


so I called my bro-in-law (which is half way back home) to return and take us home (thanks dude!).

after 2 chinese HK TV series, my sis+bro-in-law took us for a supper, as we had early dinner.

then we boarded at 2345hrs, and there are actually a crowd inside already. Later I found out there's a few flight delayed. Macau flight was aparently the worst kenal one... their flight has been delayed since pagi. OMG!!!

anyway, the flight departed sharp at 0055hrs... according to the air crew, he apologied for the delay, due to bad weather. I was so tire and couldn't care less, and slept through the flight as usual.

Arrived LCCT around 0330hrs, waited 10mins for luggage, got a ticket from the taxi counter - RM85!!!.

The cab dropped all of us at wildchild's place, and it was like almost 0500hrs. Unpacked some frozen food, and she sent me home with jenma. Reached my place at 0530hrs, and wildchild's went to have dimsum breakfast with jenma.

Thank goodness, I'm still onleave. Slept the whole day.

going shower now. peace!

good nite.


meendee said...

Woot, welcome back dude! At least you're back safe and sound. My flight to KK was also delayed but luckily only for 15 mins.

Keke, I have yet to edit my pics .. total was more than 500 ... die lor :P

mr-penman said...

WAH! u oso kenal~ah?

hmmm... Sabah is strucked by wet spell.

WAH!!! 500 pics! I got only 300++ only...

heheheh~ still headache! @_@

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