Thursday, March 29, 2007

Cup Holder for your Car

Low Tech Stuff, High Tech Solution
issue 01.01 - Cup Holder for your Car

Screw those expensive cup holders... I got a solution for you.
It's cheap, steady, customized and environmental friendly.

I present you the FX-1000-CUP...

no~lah... it's just a plain, used, empty tissue box!

It's cheap, 'cos it's ur used empty tissue box.
It's steady, 'cos it's squarish with wide base, so you need not worry too much when you drift.
It can be customized, you can wrap it with any nice wrapping paper, or even paint the box yourself.
It's environmental friendly, 'cos you are recyling your empty tissue box!

Some may argue... "but I'm driving a Merc..." so? get a more expensive branded tissue box~lah!!!


Saffron said...

Uncle, kalau ada girlfren duduk kat passenger seat, apa macam then?

mr-penman said...

if GF sitting beside... I'll be asking her to hold oredi!


wildchild said...

Who said I'm willing to HOLD! hahahahha.... - Buy Action Figures, Video Game Merchandise & Toys and more!